Garden Dining at Bobo – NYC

Don’t walk too fast along 7th Avenue because if you do you might just miss the entrance to Bobo. The entrance is actually down a set of stairs on the corner of 7th Avenue and West 10th St.

Inside you’ll find a cosy, warm bar with a friendly bar tender. All the furniture downstairs is different, looks like vintage pieces and adds to the chilled out feel of the space. After grabbing a few drinks here, you should head up to grab dinner in the garden.

The garden is intimate and lit to provide a very romantic ambience. It’s perfect if the weather is warm, but I’m sure they have heating lamps when the weather turns colder.

Now the food… given that the restaurant has gone through several chefs, I will say it’s not the place you go if you want to wander down a road of delicious, perfectly seasoned food. We did find that the ingredients were very fresh, but the dishes ended up being over-seasoned and a little on the salty side. We started with the Bobo salad whose lettuce leaves were scrumptious, but the dressing was over-powering and a little oily. The French Cuff appetizer was a tender piece of braised veal enveloped inside a large piece of pasta which would have been better had the veal not been so salty. We then moved to the Scallops and Bobo Burger. The scallops were pan-seared on the outside, juicy on the inside and layered on top of lightly cooked vegetables. Again there was a dash too much salt here. The burger, a signature dish, did deliver. The crispy fried leeks on top of the meat was juxtaposed with pickled leeks below the meat; all of this was topped off with gruyere cheese created a well balanced burger in flavor and texture. The crispy fries on the side also helped the dish.

So all in all, if you are looking for a fun place with reasonably priced wine in a relaxed and romantic outdoors setting then hit up Bobo. If you are looking for top quality food, then I would give it a miss.


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