NYC Sweet Revenge

I know, I know, while this town seems to need another cupcakery the way it needs another Starbucks, Pinkberry or OTB, Sweet Revenge is nonetheless the kind of place you need to keep in your back pocket for those dates you just don’t want to end — or at least, not yet.

Just around the corner from the Houston stop on the 1 Line, Sweet Revenge is something between a bar and a cafe on Carmine Street in the West Village that specializes in gourmet cupcakes. While the 20-personish place appears a bit sparsely decorated at first — is that a halogen lamp in the cupcake display case? — the laid-back vibe definitely makes you overlook the lack of interior design tchotkes that seems proliferate in other places in this city. While the place is definitely on the smallish side, with a bar lining one wall and a cluster of tables pushed against the other, it didn’t feel crowded when I got there Thursday night to a full house. Instead, the place had a great atmosphere with a nice mix of couples and small groups of friends who were, of all things, engaged in their conversations with one another!

Yes, the cupcakes were delicious (check our their dozen or so flavors) but what I truly loved about Sweet Revenge was the fact that it also offered its patrons wine, beer and cocktails, though the latter is somewhat limited. Unlike some other places which indulge in childhood excesses — Reese’s, Oreos and cream, oh my! — Sweet Revenge won’t make you feel like the PG-13 guy who we’re all rooting to make it happen when you bring a date here.

Plus: You can also step up to the bar and buy your cupcake for carry-out.


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