He Loves Me, I Love Him…Not

When I was in college, I was practically BFF with this one guy.  We would hang out with each other during class, in between class, and then talk online or on the phone whenever we were not with each other.  Ironically enough, we became close because I was summoned to help him get to this girl.  Funny how life works out, huh.

Then one day, he decided that he didn’t like the original girl anymore, and instead liked me.  Unfortunately, I did not like return his feelings; fortunately though, our friendship did not suffer terrible repercussions.  Maybe we were both mature about it, but knowing us back then, that is doubtful.

How could we maintain our friendship?  Simple.  I liked the attention and he liked the idea that I would “come around.”  Before everyone starts judging me, I was young and I didn’t know I was being a jerk about it back then.  It’s not an excuse, but it was definitely not intentional.

What I want to say is, some girls never grow up, or grow up at a much -s l o w e r- pace.  They crave the attention, lead some poor dude on (who, by the way, could have been making some other girl a very lucky girlfriend) and before you know it, you have so much drama you can write an episode of The Hills, based on your life.

Guys, unless this girl is the goddess you always dreamed about, ditch her, move onto greener pastures, and make some other deserving girl feel like she is the goddess you always dreamed about.  Reality is, she is probably not going to come around, especially if she knows you are not going anywhere.

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