The Truth About Mundane Relationships

Mundane relationships – we all go through it.  The talkers will try to talk it through, and gnaw at the issue until it is resolved one way or another.  Others will want to break free from that monotony, and look for something else, something they really want; even though they may not have the faintest idea what that might be.

Without even thinking, I recently, and stupidly touched a pot when it has been burning over the fire for 15 minutes.  My stupidity fried my left pinky and ring finger.  Since I am a righty, I didn’t think it would affect me very much; I couldn’t be more wrong.  Like a mature, familiar relationship that has been so embedded into our daily lives for so long that we are no longer aware of their importance, functions, or even existence, I didn’t know how important those two little fingers were until I was painfully made aware of their injury.

Just like I never knew the importance of my pinky and ring fingers, we often forget how special our partner is to us.  If you want to break off a mundane relationship without thinking it through, you will only end up burning yourself and/or your partner.  Does your partner take care of your chores so you can relax?  Does your partner take care of everything when you travel so that all you do is rock up?  Does your partner take care of you when you are sick?  Does your partner know how to calm your nerves when you are worked up?  These things are easy to get used to, and easily taken for granted, but once they are gone, you will definitely notice.

I am currently very cognizant of my injured fingers, but that is only because they are injured so I take special notice of what I can’t do without these fingers.  Once the fingers are healed, I will slowly start to involve it back into my daily routine life, and I will forget about it again, very much like every relationship – they do get old, all of them.

Sure, you can break up, and get back together when you realized what you had, or even take a break.  Just remember, like a burnt finger, it can leave a scar.  You can dress it up with a ring to hide the past, but a scar is a scar, and it won’t go away.

Instead of running away from the mundane, why not embrace it, and take comfort that you are in the next phase of a serious relationship?  Not many things remain exciting – think about your favorite video game (it gets boring).  The spark is only the beginning part of a relationship, true love blossoms with deep admiration and respect for one another.  Knowing that you are in a loving, committed relationship is better than knowing you are in an exciting relationship.

2 Responses to “The Truth About Mundane Relationships”
  1. sendtoharvey says:

    *thumbs up*

  2. Juslitome says:

    You make it sound so wonderful; the idea of something permanent.

    But I find myself harboring envy and desire for something that’s less permanent, and more exciting. That’s what scares me. That I will one day take a relationship for granted, and I will take my significant other as just a baggage I can just trash. That I will one day be my very own downfall, pursuing that ‘what-if’ One, when I already had him. Regret is such a terrible emotion.

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