Observation: The Role Of Best Man…And It’s Side Benefits

Many people claim that a wedding is the best place to meet someone, though all the weddings I attended, almost everyone was coupled up. Anyhow, my friend was recently the Best Man at a wedding, and he swears that the title brings some unexpected benefits. The title gave my friend a whole new identity; a stud!

To describe my friend, he is not what one would imagine a stud to be, but definitely not a bad looking man. He is a finance guy who is slowly coming into his own sense of image and self. He never had much luck with the ladies, mainly because he never really knew how to try properly, and he was too busy with other things in life to really change the way he went about it. Though this  attitude has gotten him close to zero luck with the ladies in the past, it did garner him many inquiries at the wedding.

Of course it would. The Best Man speech is, in my opinion, the highlight of any wedding. All eyes are on the Best Man in his tailored made tux, perfectly gelled hair, and flawlessly shaved face. If well written, the speech is entertaining, witty, funny, and a little sly. It lets the audience learn a little about the groom, and the best man all the same time. Everyone laughs, commends the Best Man for his speech, and for those few minutes, he is the star of the show.

I think what made him so desirable was that he presented his amazing speech with such confidence, command, charisma, and poise, which are qualities that insinuate a good mating partner. Confidence without arrogance means that he is self-assured of his abilities, which means he knows he can support his partner. Being able to command attention means he knows how to take charge of a situation, which means she can rely on him for protection. Charisma means he has a great personality, and everyone likes him, including her parents. Having poise and composure means he is a mature and sophisticated man, as opposed to a primitive barbaric man who doesn’t know how to respect his partner. Moreover, the Best Man was chosen amongst all the groom’s friends and endorsed by the groom to be the “best” and “most liked”, which adds to the desirability factor.

Being the noble gent my friend is, he did not take advantage of his good fortune, and instead went back to being the same old guy he has come to terms with – a regular Hedge Fund guy. But, he realized the power of the title and can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next time, he will take advantage of his situation, and go in for the kill.


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