The Importance Of Friends

I read this article earlier today and thought it would be interesting to share with people who might not otherwise see it.

The article emphasized the importance of friendship, and how it can help us achieve better health and longer life.

Personally, I find this to be accurate.  Many times, when we encounter difficulties, our friends are the first to learn about them: break-ups, relationship problems, and everyday life issues.  We often rely on their opinions because we feel they know us best.  Friends are a great commodity, and a gift, so cherish them.

Call up your old friends to get a drink or go dancing.  Rekindle those high school or college friendships; if they were really close friends, then even if you haven’t spoken to each other in years, it will still seem as if you picked up where you left off, and nothing has changed.

One Response to “The Importance Of Friends”
  1. sendtoharvey says:

    that’s so true…

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