Beauty Is Within The Heart Of The Beholder

I am not saying that appearance doesn’t matter, because it does. But, have you ever noticed that once you get to know someone, share their goals, laugh at their jokes, and see that they treat us so well, they start to naturally and subtly become more attractive to us?

The time constraint and initial disinterest prevent us from finding someone who is possibly the love of our life. Instead, why don’t we approach people with an open mind and heart? Once we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the great inner qualities of another person, we might be surprised at how much we actually like the person, and realize they are “not so bad looking afterall”. That is why I always believed that beauty is within the heart of the beholder. Once you are attracted to the person on the inside, the outer attraction will come naturally.

A friend of mine contemplated dating a guy she was not very attracted to. They had mutual friends, so they hung out on occasion. After much convincing by these mutual friends, she decided to give this guy a shot. One date led to another, smiles grew to grins, blah looking changed to “kinda cute, I guess”, and doubt evolved into love. They have been dating for more than a year, and she cannot be happier. Of course this is common sense, but sometimes, we just need someone to remind us.

4 Responses to “Beauty Is Within The Heart Of The Beholder”
  1. amillionthingstosmileabout says:

    Good words. I always enjoy reading your stuff.
    How would you like to become a contributor over at my site?
    Let me know if you would enjoy it.

    Again, thanks for the thoughts you put out.

  2. sendtoharvey says:

    this was great…wish more people took a shot like this…
    one of my friends is so caught up on looks, but she won’t admit it…

  3. Juslitome says:

    I can’t help but be superficial though. I mean, think of the children! It’s a scientific innate mechanism that drives our reason to mate. To produce fine specimen children. Ok, that may sound a bit too darwinistic, but it’s true.

    We are attracted to attractive people so that our offspring can be attractive too, thus ensuring a higher surviving probability.

    My issue is that I’m too picky about who I do like. My grocery list of attributes is a bit too demanding, even I admit as such. But if we don’t always look for the best, should we just settle? That’s selling yourself short right there.

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