Special Is In The Little Things

Most guys expect that when they render grand gestures, like booking a romantic vacation for two, girls should be totally floored and feel eternally special. Although we really appreciate it, we really do, that is not what gets us starry-eyed. What matters more are the smaller, little things; that’s what really makes us feel special.

  1. The way they hold our hand while driving, and occasionally kissing it
  2. The way they naturally transfer all the string beans from their plate to ours because you know how much I love them
  3. The way they brush our hair behind our ears when our hands are preoccupied
  4. The way their eyes say; “I love you”
  5. The way they make a big deal out of our paper cut
  6. The way they sit up really straight so that our head can rest on their shoulders, when we doze off next to them
  7. The way they leave us a reminder note on the door to get our wallet in the morning, because they know we will forget
  8. The way they text message us at the end of their boys night out to let us know they are home and safe.

Again, both big and small gestures matter, but the things that tick us off and make us giddy inside the most, are the smaller things. You are probably right, I do watch one too many chick flicks. But, a girl gotta have standards.

One Response to “Special Is In The Little Things”
  1. saishia says:

    The way they sensitively make their presence felt, when we really need them the most…..so true…its the simple things done genuinely that matters. Nice post! 🙂

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