She Found Love Via Blogging

My friend sent me an article about finding love on the internet via, yup, blogging.  Ann Althouse, a well respected blogger, found love with one of her regular commenters.

I must admit, I have had my doubts about any sort of online dating in the past when my friend suggested I give it a go after a breakup.  At the time, I thought I didn’t want to “stoop” to those levels.  I have since regret not giving it a try because who really cares how you meet them, so long as you are happy.  That is why I have been encouraging people to try online dating, if they haven’t already.

3 Responses to “She Found Love Via Blogging”
  1. Celia Guerrero says:

    I think it’s always worth a shot, as long as you are careful about what you are doing.

    I think it’s romantic that she found love with someone who was interested in what she was saying. It’s sweet.

  2. amillionthingstosmileabout says:

    True, it isn’t about how you met but about what happens during the meeting.
    A distant relatio ship will give you btu the oppurtunity to cultivate a relationship off of communication but may also lead to let down if either party has issues expressing emotion via “real life interaction”, yeah that’s in quotes for all those heavy internet daters and is used as an odd phrase.
    Weird, yes at first thought. But why pass up the chance to meet someone when we have moved into this age of the ability to know anyone anywhere.
    Each day we have the possiblity of going anywhere, meet great people and maybe even find truth. Why not do this from a coffee shop lounge chair? Why not?
    I’ve decided to find the woman for me in these highspeed connections, I’m game to try, and if I run into her in the grocery store before I find her here I’ll be a lucky man.

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