Love Is A Matter Of Decisions

There was this episode of “Perfect Strangers” (I am totally dating myself here but, eh) that always stuck with me throughout the years. It was the episode where Larry and Jennifer were about to get married and Balky performed a traditional ceremony to see if they would pass the marriage test. The test predicted that their marriage would fail. So, here’s a question for you.  What would you do if somebody told you or something suggested that you and your fiancé are not destined for each other?

I would be lying if I said that it wouldn’t affect me one bit. But, I also believe that maintaining a relationship is hard work that is stringed together with compromises and choices. For example, when we encounter a difficult moment in our relationship, it’s our decision to resolve it one way or another. Do we choose to fight for the relationship or do we choose to give up because resolving the issues is just too hard? Or, if we are in a vulnerable set of circumstances, do we give into temptation or do we resist it? If you think about it, the most important decision is actually choosing to make the relationship work. Once you are mentally prepared to choose to love that person and make the relationship work, all the mundane everyday obstacles will have an apparent solution, which by the way is coincidentally referred to as compromises.

As for the episode of “Perfect Strangers”, Larry and Jennifer decided, after a bit of contemplation, that they didn’t care for what anyone or any ceremony predicted. They loved each other and even if their marriage was destined to fail, they wouldn’t give up on each other without a fight. That’s when Balky told them “they passed the test”. The premise of the test was not to predict the success of the marriage but to see how unwavering their love for each other was.

So, the decision on whom to love and how long to love is in your hands. Choose wisely.


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